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Pay Per Click


We ensure your ads appear in search results for the audiences you seek and you only pay when they click. It’s one of the most effective and accountable marketing tools at your disposal but also one of the most complex requiring,


PPC (Pay Per Click), also known as paid search marketing, is a form of online advertising where you only pay for each time a user clicks on an advert that takes you through to your site.

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As PPC marketing is all about getting in front of your customers during their purchase phase and research, one advantage to PPC advertising is the ability to reach top of the first page in a matter of hours not months, through a combination of search relevance, campaign build and the amount you are willing to pay.


Our expert PPC team is well versed in building campaigns in accordance with the correct structure to receive the maximum quality score and ultimately cheaper bids for our clients. Over the years we’ve successfully managed large branding corporate PPC projects but also many high volume and complex ecommerce PPC projects too focusing on driving down the cost per acquisition per unit.


SEO is a long term strategy and it can often take a long time to see real results for your business, as a result many business find during this period that running a pay per click advertising campaign simultaneously can help bridge the gap and ensure business continues as usual. That being said a pay per click campaign is not primarily a band-aid for SEO, many business models actually suit a PPC strategy to a long term SEO strategy, while most benefit from having both running simultaneously throughout.


Feel free to give us a call anytime to discuss your requirements and one of our highly trained Google partnered professionals will advise you on the best PPC strategy moving forward tailored specifically for your business.
We are a team of data-driven whizzes who have a purely customer goal-oriented approach to PPC.

Our PPC Goal

Our goal in PPC marketing is to increase the visibility of a website in search results through paid advertising. We are committed to increasing your conversions and revenue. We achieve this by applying the principles of keyword optimisation, ad quality, and on-page relevance. Thanks to our experience and expertise in search marketing, we can improve even the most successful PPC campaigns and increase your overall conversion rate and reduce the cost per acquisition.

How We Do PPC



It doesn’t matter if your starting from the ground up or you’ve been running PPC campaigns for years, our first priority is to scrutinize the data and assess the competition levels in your targeted market. We dig deep to uncover any issues affecting your campaigns and look for opportunities we can capture by creating new and more engaging ones.


Once we’ve completed in depth research, we set up your new campaign with keyword and ad groups optimised for relevance and easy management. With this solid foundation, we craft compelling ads and set strict targeting to reach exactly the audience you need to.


We then begin to put your ads to work. From the moment your ads are set live, we track impressions, quality score, click through rates and conversions across every keyword, eliminating underperformers. We continually test and improve your ads, building upon past successes.


As data drives new insights into our performance, we send you clear, concise reports that show you what we’re doing and why. Everything is tracked and accounted for to prove we’re doing the work we promised.